Ryokans / Hotels Listed by Characteristics

Listed by Characteristics Accommodations where 3 people or more can share one room

Listed by Characteristics Accommodations where 3 people or more can share one room
Maruichi Hotel
Maruichi Hotel

Free breakfast, coin laundry, PC room, large bath.
Wi-Fi available throughout the building, including all guest rooms and the front desk. 8 minutes from JR Osaka Station, 5 minutes from Higashi-Umeda Subway Station. Front desk open 24 hours. An ideal base for both business and leisure trips.

Address 12-15 Togano-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
Postal code 530-0056
T E L +81 6-6312-0621
F A X +81 6-6312-0624
U R L http://www.maruichi-hotel.com/
Number of rooms Number of rooms...40 (Japanese-style...10 Western-style...30)
Hotel Kuramoto
Hotel Kuramoto

Located just a 3-minute walk from Osaka's largest entertainment district, Dotonbori. A 7-story steel-frame building. All guest rooms are Japanese-style rooms with bath and toilet. There is also a large bath. Also, all rooms have free Wi-Fi. A relaxing, urban ryokan.

Address 2-11-7 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Postal code 542-0082
T E L +81 6-6211-3168
F A X +81 6-6211-6957
U R L http://www.kuramoto-hotel.co.jp/en/
Number of rooms Number of rooms...24 (Japanese-style...24 Western-style...0)
Yamatoya Honten
Yamatoya Honten

Japanese-style hotel(ryokan) Yamatoya Honten is located in the center of downtown Osaka, in an area known as Minami.

Osaka is the core city of western Japan, and from here you can gain easy access to the ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara, as well as famous World Heritage sites such as Mt. Koya, Himeji Castle and many other sightseeing spots.

Since we are situated in the center of Osaka, we are also very close to tourist attractions within the city such as Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan and the Osaka Aquarium. The shopping street running through the nearby Dotonbori area features a wealth of bars and restaurants, and is a great place to enjoy traditional foods and original local dishes from Osaka.


Address 2-17-4 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka-city, Osaka
Postal code 542-0082
T E L +81 6-6211-3587
F A X +81 6-6212-1553
U R L http://www.yamatoyahonten.co.jp/eng/
Number of rooms Number of rooms...39 (Japanese-style...33 Western-style...6)
Kaneyoshi Ryokan
Kaneyoshi Ryokan

Namba's "Kaneyoshi Ryokan" is a sightseeing ryokan located in the Dotonbori area. Located in the middle of the entertainment district, this is a very convenient place for, shopping, food and drink. With major stations nearby, this is an ideal location for sightseeing.

Address 3-12 Soemon-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Postal code 542-0084
T E L +81 6-6211-6337
F A X +81 6-6213-0843
U R L http://www.kaneyosi.jp/
Number of rooms Number of rooms...15 (Japanese-style...15 Western-style...0)

Have you heard?! There's a hot spring ryokan in Osaka, too! A convenient onsen (hot spring) ryokan, 1 hour from Dotonbori, Kita etc. by train and bus. This Japanese-style inn welcomes day-trippers as well as people staying overnight, so after a spot of shopping around Dotonbori, why not relax in a ryokan hot spring? Also within 1 hour of Kyoto and Kobe. Please enjoy the Japanese scenery abounding in nature, flowers and greenery.

Address 128-1 Fushio-cho, Ikeda-shi, Osaka
Postal code 563-0011
T E L +81 72-751-3540
F A X +81 72-751-0420
U R L http://www.fushioukaku.co.jp/en/
Number of rooms Number of rooms...69 (Japanese-style...57 Western-style...7)

Inunakiyama Onsen, a popular hot spring district hidden away in the suburbs of Osaka. Minamitei's bubbling natural hot spring abounds with sulfur. Refresh body and mind while enjoying the hot spring mood. You can enjoy luxurious seasonal cuisine in guest rooms from which you can admire the four seasons. Inunaki pork nabe is a very popular hot pot dish prepared using Inunaki pork, the Osaka region's only brand pork.

Address 2236 Ogi, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
Postal code 598-0023
T E L +81 72-459-7336
F A X +81 72-459-7823
U R L http://www.minamitei.com/
Number of rooms Number of rooms...15 (Japanese-style...15 Western-style...0)
City Hotel Air Port in Prince
City Hotel Air Port in Prince

Just 9 minutes by train from Kansai International Airport! At just a 2-minute walk from Izumisano Station, it's also very convenient for pre- or post-travel accommodation. With Rinku Premium Outlets only about 5 minutes away by car, it's also great for shopping. Free, continuous Internet and Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Address 6-3 Wakamiya-cho, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
Postal code 598-0055
T E L +81 72-463-2211
F A X +81 72-463-5200
U R L http://www.airportprince.com/
Number of rooms Number of rooms...79 (Japanese-style...3 Western-style...76)
Lodge Tyojirou
Lodge Tyojirou

A small-scale, low-price lodge near to Kansai Airport, popular with ladies traveling alone and looking for accommodation on a budget, overseas visitors, repeat guests, people staying for just the one night, people staying for longer, and, of course, seasoned travel-enthusiasts. Large bath, floors heated in winter. Non-smoking facility.

Main facilities: WiFi, PC-LAN, microwave, oven, refrigerator, laundry, piano, guitar

Address 840 Kamikawaraya, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
Postal code 598-0001
T E L +81 72-462-1786
F A X +81 72-464-9322
U R L http://www.rinku.or.jp/tyojirou/index-e.htm
Number of rooms Number of rooms...18 (Japanese-style...0 Western-style...18)
Amami Onsen Nanten-en
Amami Onsen Nanten-en

Offering glorious nature surrounded in all directions by mountains, a Japanese garden, a natural hot spring, seasonal Japanese cuisine, Nanten-en gives guests a chance to experience real, traditional Japanese culture. Completed more than 100 years ago, the Japanese-style main building was designed by Kingo Tatsuno, the same architect who gave us Tokyo Station, and has been designated as one of the country's registered Tangible Cultural Properties. Great access at just 1 minute from Amami Station and 40 minutes from Osaka. Please come and experience Japanese ryokan hospitality!

Address 158 Amami, Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka
Postal code 586-0062
T E L +81 721-68-8081
F A X +81 721-68-8012
U R L http://www.e-oyu.com/en/nantentop.html
Number of rooms Number of rooms...13 (Japanese-style...13 Western-style...0)